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Do your know someone who required or will soon require long term care?
"After age 65, Americans have more than a 70% chance of needing some form of long-term care."
-American Society on Aging

"An estimated 12.1 million Americans need assistance from others to carry out everyday activities."
- As noted on

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LTCi Misconceptions is dedicated to providing you with all information relevant to long term care. A major part of long term care is paying for long term care and long term care insurance. Please be sure to read the information listed below before proceeding with your search for long term care.

Medicare will cover all long term care costs

FALSE: Medicare provides limited coverage for skilled nursing care, limited to 100 days in each benefit period, and only following a hospital stay.

Health Insurance will cover all long term care costs

FALSE: According to the American Society of Aging, long-term care is rarely covered by health insurance plans

Medicaid will cover all long term care costs and protect my assets

FALSE: Medicaid is only available to those who have depleted nearly all of their own financial resources.

Long Term Care Insurance only covers Assisted Living Facilities

FALSE: Long Term Care insurance has evolved and typically covers a broad range of services including nursing home care, assisted living facilities and adult day care.

Buying Long Term Care insurance later in life will save money

FALSE: Depending on your health, buying long term care insurance when you are older may actually cost you more even though you are paying for fewer years. As people age, their overall health often decreases. The more health issues you have, the greater your premium will be for the insurance. Therefore, you may actually pay more in total if you wait to purchase long term care insurance.