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 IMPORTANT: MrLTC to receive a New Dicussion Board today!

Author: LTCadmin (
Date:   04-07-05 11:52

A Huge Thank You to our Discussion Board members,

Your informational commentary and posts have created an excellent Long Term Insurance Information Community. But it is time to move to a newer style discussion board with more advanced features for users and management that will help grow our LTC information corner on the internet.

This board will be stopped at 2:45 today Thursday, April 7, 2005 and the new board will come online at 3:00pm today Wednesday, April 7, 2005.

This current board will be archived and accessible by link but will not post. Some of the more recent posts will be carried over to the new discussion board to sow the seeds for the greatness.

We are all professional adults and we have an excellent group of knowledgeable contributing members and for the most part our members have conducted discussion in a professional manner, which we look forward to in our new discussion board. But as we all know some people needs rules otherwise we fall into the old rut of ‘no one told me I could no that.’

- Users will need to register for an account with a valid email account to post or reply.
- Abuse of your fellow Discussion Board members will not be tolerated.
- No advertisements, spam, or swearing.

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 IMPORTANT: MrLTC to receive a New Dicussion Board today!  new
LTCadmin 04-07-05 11:52 



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