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 RE: Bankers and all this Hogwash

Author: ltc pro (
Date:   03-07-05 03:46

First of all, I don't work for Bankers so I have no agenda.

1. Bankers did not file Bankruptcy, Coseco Holdings did.
2. If you don't like working for Bankers then quit.
3. If you don't like Bankers then you probably shouldn't consider working for them.
4. If youv'e never worked for Bankers then why are you even responding to this question?
5. The boss shacks up with the hottest chick in almost every company Iv'e ever worked for, so don't base your descision on inner office romps.
6. And this is the most important one, a lot of people on this board need to grow up and go out and sell some insurance.

P.S If I was a potential client and came to this board there is no way on earth I would ever buy an LTC policy. Some of you make the whole industry seem like a used car lot.

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ltc pro 03-07-05 03:46 
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Tyler Mack 03-14-05 21:07 



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