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 Universal Life with LTC coverage

Author: R. Ponfick (
Date:   03-01-05 11:37

Most financial advisors are now pushing single payment universal life with LTC provisions as an alternative to pure LTC insurance. They say the traditional payments are a waste of money. What do you think?

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 Universal Life with LTC coverage  new
R. Ponfick 03-01-05 11:37 
 Re: Universal Life with LTC coverage  new
Arthur Rudnick, LTCP 03-01-05 11:43 
 Re: Universal Life with LTC coverage  new
Scott A. Olson, CLTC 03-01-05 12:16 
 Re: Universal Life with LTC coverage  new
Steve Eads, CLU 03-01-05 14:27 



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