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 Nursing Home - FYI

Author: Steven West (
Date:   02-13-05 13:42

I visited my uncle at a Nursing Home in NJ today.

I spent 20 minutes with the women who runs the place.

She told me she recently turned away a women who had a $100 a day unlimited GE polciy. She wouldn't admit her.

Why? Because the lady did not have sufficent assets or income to pay the difference between the cost of care $250 a day and her policy amount of $100 for two years.

Medicaid would not pay the $150 a day difference. She said Medicaid treats the policy as an asset.

Her recommendation to the women was to contact an Elder Care Attorney to see if it is better to tear up the policy and to try to enter another Nursing Home that admits Medicaid patients This way the Nursing Home will at least collect $170 a day from Medicaid and not the $100 a day the policy will pay.

The women also said in the 9 years she has worked at this place no one has gotten Medicare to pay up to the 100 days. The only people who got close were using a feeding tube when they got there and with work were able to get off the tube. Most people do not even get to 20 days.

So much for the GE way of something is better than nothing.

I'm sure many who visit this site know this but I am also sure many do not.

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