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 Genworth or Metlife

Author: JD (
Date:   02-02-05 16:47

I'm interviewing at Metlife and Genworth and am at a crossroads as to which company is going to be more stable LTC opportunity long term for me. Genworth offers a vesting period of two years as a contractor then your residuals are yours for the life of the policy vs. Metlife which offers a diverse portfolio of products but no vesting. Once you're gone your business is passed on.
Excluding the diverse portfolio advantage, which company do you pros feel will have the marketplace advantage in LTC from the customers perspective? Much appreciated!!

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JD 02-02-05 16:47 
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Arthur Rudnick, LTCP 02-04-05 08:53 
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Steve Eads, CLU 02-07-05 09:11 
 Re: Genworth or Metlife  new
Carver CSA 02-23-05 16:16 
 Re: Genworth or Metlife  new
Tony H. CLTC, CSA, LUTCF 03-30-05 22:15 



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