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 2005 Begin anew LTCi Q's

Author: Carver CLTC CSA (
Date:   12-31-04 09:18

Renew and begin anew but don't go amok, awry, or askew.

Being that I have professed my 'vast' Bankers Life knowledge & experience recently in my posts, I must now, on the eve of opportunity, profess something else to all. My LTCi expertise suffers right now. Since flying the coop to become independent I have been studious alright, and my previous experiences with other companies is pretty good, but now it is a different ball game. You may want to just direct me to previous posts for info or send me to some of the excellent web-links out there. I hope, however, being on the cusp of 2005, that some of you will awaken renewed and filled to the brim with spirit filled digital conversation about your own expertise in the industry.

Okay, now that the 'sap' has drained out of my overflowing holiday cheer tree lets get down to business:

I know these companies policies pretty well: GE (is the LTCi division still GE or is it Genworth?), John Hancock, Met Life, Allianz & of course Bankers Life (of which I continue to offer my knowledge to anyone who may need it).

What I don't know is:
Q. What companies combine strong ratings, strong LTCi policies, AND good to excellent underwriting and general home office agent service?

Q. I subscribe to National Underwriter, A LTCi comparison website, etc. but what are the BEST resources for someone like me?

Q. Do you top-selling LTCi agents out there sell only 2 or 3 companies for the most part? Maybe only one?

Q. What are the discussion board's feeling regarding modified endowment/accelerated death benefit plans like Lincoln's MoneyGuard?

Q. Anyone do LTC workshops/seminars? Regularly? As your main prospecting method? Results?

Q. When it comes to Allianz, the policies appear to be very good. Ratings are very good (besides Weiss). Does anyone have any strong opinions one way or the other about the Allianz policies?

Q. I am serious about what I do and want to continue to do it in the most professional, profitable, productive way possible. Any other tips?

That's a mouthfull but I figured we needed to jump right in to the new year with gusto, zest, and a LTC/LTCi fervor.


Carver Hayes CSA CLTC

Post Edited (12-31-04 09:31)

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